Outer Bandages

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Standing Wraps
Remember John Travolta and that nifty white "disco suit" he wore in "Saturday Night Fever?" Equine textiles took the same kind of 10-ounce double-knit polyester material that suit was made from and we're using it to make our Standing Wraps. The result is a truly superlative exterior bandage. It's... more
Flannel Outer Bandage Wraps
There's a classic in every field, and this is ours. Simply stated, the Flannel Wrap is the grand-daddy of outer bandages. Of course, we made a good thing even better by using hook & loop closure instead of those pointy old safety pins. This heavy, brushlike wrap is made from natural, 100%... more
Lister bandage scissors 7.5”
Easier to use Bandage Scissors.  Cuts through Vetwraps and similiar wraps faster and safer for the horse.
Turf Knit / "Track" Bandages
This kitted bandage is just what the horse doctor ordered for cooling down the legs of Tennessee Walkers and Hunters. And it's popular at race track all over the country where they soak the knit in icy water before applying it to those hot legs. We use only first grade yarns and we knit at our very... more
White Double Fleece Leg Wraps for Horses
These durable and extra strong equine leg wraps are made from 20 oz. pile, bleached white fleece. Ideal for shipping, they offer unbeatable protection. Sold per pair.  Make sure to purchase standing wraps or another outer bandage wrap that will suite your need with these wraps.  3 size options... more
Cayenne Pepper to make a paste to protect tack and the stable
EXTRA HOT (not for human consumption) Red hot ground pepper. Mix with water and paint on bandages, fencing, stalls, etc. to prevent unwanted chewing. We recommend wearing gloves while using! Ingredients: 100% Ground Red Pepper. Size: 3.5 tub